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Welcome to the JMProd's Fanfiction Index! Here you'll find a comprehensive list of what's stored in this journal. Titles as well as characters involved and warnings (if any) are provided.

Updated: April 11, 2011


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[APH] The Cat Dreams

Title: The Cat Dreams
Category: Axis Powers Hetalia / Hetalia World Series
Characters/Pairings: Greece, Japan
Genre/Rating/Warnings: general/G/IMAGE HEAVY POST (also bad art)

Summary/Excerpt: Japan is a cat in Greece's arms.

A/N: For giripan's Valentine's event! This is...not a fic? I was too lazy to write a fic so I tried drawing my idea out instead. I really can't draw cats. I really can't draw, period. Watch out for nastyass!cat. He perches on a wall and judges you.

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[No. 6] Shimsham on the Blimblam

Title: Shimsham on the Blimblam
Category: No. 6
Characters/Pairings: Nezumi/Sion, Inukashi, Shion
Genre/Rating/Warnings: humor, romance/PG13/20 years later time frame, swearing, possible OOC-ness

Summary/Excerpt: It's Shion's wedding and Nezumi has nothing to wear.

A/N: For no6holiday! No prompt in particular ^^; Here's to the start of a New Year! ♥ The Shion here is the baby Shion that was saved from the manhunt.

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[APH] Aphrodite

Title: Aphrodite
Category: Axis Powers Hetalia / Hetalia World Series
Characters/Pairings: Greece/Japan, Japan/Aphrodi
Genre/Rating/Warnings: mature/NC17/canon verse reimagined, fuckery

Summary/Excerpt: Kiku comes to terms with sex.

A/N: Crossover? What crossover? Pinch hit for curlee1029! I'm sorry if it's not...exactly what it is. ^^; It's official, I don't know what I'm doing anymore OTL Happy Holidays! ♥

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[APH] What time is it?

Title: What time is it? (Adventures on the couch Time!)
Category: Axis Powers Hetalia / Hetalia World Series
Characters/Pairings: Greece & Japan being dorky
Genre/Rating/Warnings: humor/G/mostly dialogue only interaction

Summary/Excerpt: Herakles and Kiku spend an entire day on the couch. Their minds, however, don't.

A/N: For the giripan holiday exchange! Happy Birthday chromatic_coma! I hope you enjoy this ^^;

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[KKM] It's all a matter of perspective

Title:It's all a matter of perspective
Category: Kyou Kara Maou
Characters/Pairings: Wolfram, Yuuri
Genre/Rating/Warnings: general/G/post-series

Summary/Excerpt: It was one of those days when his brain is a douchebag.

A/N: For kkm_wolframfans! Sorry if it's late. It's gotta December 1 somewhere in the world I hope. I...dunno how it turned out this way ^^; I suppose it still qualifies for the event? dkfgjhdfkjgh /shot

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[APH] Lucky Strike

Title: Lucky Strike
Category: Axis Powers Hetalia / Hetalia World Series
Characters/Pairings: Greece, Japan
Genre/Rating/Warnings: general/PG/AU, yakuza themes

Summary/Excerpt: Herakles finds himself in a café with free coffee.

A/N: Happy Birthday charlzway! Tis a wee bit late because the Sims was especially distracting ^^; Hope you had a good one! ♥

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